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Agosto Liquida


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              Bermuda Baco Clásica

              Gs. 149.000

              Calzado Casual Velocity H731

              Gs. 130.000Gs. 91.000

              Calzado Casual Velocity H740

              Gs. 130.000Gs. 91.000

              Calzado Sport Velocity TM77

              Gs. 110.000Gs. 77.000

              Calzado Velocity H22

              Gs. 130.000Gs. 91.000

              Calzado Velocity H24

              Gs. 130.000Gs. 91.000

              Calzado Velocity H31

              Gs. 130.000Gs. 91.000

              Campera Michelin

              Gs. 220.000Gs. 132.000

              Canguro de Hilo Baco

              Gs. 159.000Gs. 99.000

              Jogger Moletón

              Gs. 169.000Gs. 118.000

              Morral de Cuero

              Gs. 349.000

              Remera Baco Soft Touch c/Bolsillo

              Gs. 99.000Gs. 59.000
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