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Campera para Papá


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              Campera Impermeable. c/ cierre hasta la capucha 0.8

              Gs. 220.000Gs. 132.000

              Campera Rompeviento 8708

              Gs. 180.000Gs. 108.000

              Campera Impermeable Combinada para Hombre

              Gs. 195.000Gs. 117.000

              Campera de Nylon Impermeable para hombre

              Gs. 180.000Gs. 108.000

              Campera Sarga c/Franela (VG8812)

              Gs. 220.000Gs. 132.000

              Campera Bomber Jacker 202018

              Gs. 220.000Gs. 154.000

              Campera Cuerina p/ Caballero 568

              Gs. 195.000Gs. 117.000

              Campera Oceania (Sarga Caballero)

              Gs. 250.000Gs. 130.000

              Campera Impermeable Larga c/ capucha

              Gs. 280.000Gs. 168.000
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